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More Than Just Basketball

Announcement: All activities are now back normal after the National COVID 19 crisis.

Serving Columbia's Basketball Youth Since 2018

Columbia Supreme was founded in 2018 by Anthony Johnson. Raised in Columbia, Missouri, Anthony’s family was unable to afford the fees associated with the traditional structure of traveling basketball teams. His circumstances did not stop his drive to play basketball on whatever neighborhood court he could find. When Anthony was looking into ways to create barrier free basketball in his community he noticed another obstacles outside of finances that prevented young athletes from being successful like gender. There were very few opportunities in the area for girls that wanted to pursue competitive basketball. Figuring out how to aid both girls and low income kids became the focus for Anthony.

Anthony’s upbringing gives him unique insight into the lifelong benefits gained through youth basketball including life skills and the opportunity for children to further their education. The goal became to help bridge the gap in his community by creating an accessible and inclusive youth sports programs.

Our Club Is Our Family

Our Program prides itself in being more than just basketball. What does this mean? For us it means we want to be involved with our club in all life aspects. We want to empower youth to lead the path of success for the future. We have created a mentorship in which we are giving children 12 and up the opportunity to work with community business owners learning career skill sets, positive adult role models who can speak to essential life lessons, and offering a financial fluency class. We hope to offer more partnerships and opportunities as time progresses forward. Please learn more about this program in the Yearn program page. 

Club Programs

Basketball Teams

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Group Training

Group training is offered for age groups of children at a local gym facility for routine work on basic skills of the game, guidance on the intellect of the game and enhancement of the individual mentality of sports and life with Coach Anthony and asssitant coaches.

Tiny Tots

Basketball basic skills and team work training for children in the age group of 3-7.

One on One Training

Do you or your child want more specific one on one training with a coach to elevate your skills for competitive basketball? You can schedule one or schedule a regular recurrent time to work with Coach Anthony or other coaches upon availability.

Club Sponsors

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Want to Join The Program?

Columbia Supreme is more than just basketball, we are dedicated to the investment into children's lives both athletically and individually.  We strive to offer players the opportunities to maximize their athletic potential while promoting; diversity, equality and character.

Want to be a participant in the program? Want to support the program? We would LOVE to hear from you!