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Boys 5th Grade Team




Ayden Allen 1
Aayden Bynum 20
Jace Davenport 13
Bronx Ganaway 4
Eric Kiyee 10
Jayden Kelly 8
Max Davenport 2
Robbie Matthews 0
Draedan Hill 23


Your donation supports our mission to improve the lifelong outcomes of at-risk youth, while increasing diversity in the area.

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Philosophy and Style of Play

Finding a youth basketball program that does what’s best for your child can be difficult. Youth basketball has become extremely competitive which has caused most programs to prioritize winning right now over everything else. While winning is important, it unfortunately creates an environment where coaches use tactics to win games instead of focusing on long term growth and teaching the principles, concepts and skills players need to be successful at the high school and college level. We emphasize developing fundamentals, players understanding of the game, ensuring players are challenged at their level of competition and players are held accountable by knowledgeable coaches.