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Columbia Supreme

Improving the lifelong outcomes of high risk youth while increasing inclusion and diversity

Kids Involved

Kids eligible for free/reduced lunch

Single Parent Households

  • Black 40% 40%
  • Bi-Racial 35% 35%
  • White 24% 24%
  • Other 1% 1%

About Columbia Supreme

Columbia Supreme was founded in 2018 by Anthony Johnson. Raised in Columbia, Missouri, Anthony’s family was unable to afford the fees associated with the traditional structure of traveling basketball teams. His circumstances did not stop his drive to play basketball on whatever neighborhood court he could find. When Anthony was looking into ways to create barrier free basketball in his community he noticed another obstacles outside of finances that prevented young athletes from being successful like gender. There were very few opportunities in the area for girls that wanted to pursue competitive basketball. Figuring out how to aid both girls and low income kids became the focus for Anthony.

Club Programs

Enrichment Programs
Basketball Training
Community Service Projects

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Want to Join The Club?

We are a one of kind program in Columbia, MO and we look at the whole child not just single aspects or skills.